McGee (THE IRONFIST, to his minions) has been immersed

in all things horror even before exploding out of his mother’s

womb. Her love of the Universal monsters and Alfred Hitchcock

trained him at a very young age, and he transferred her passion for

horror movies into his own by sneaking in to see HALLOWEEN

way back in 1978, officially hooking himself on the beloved

genre forever, and cementing an uncanny love for referring to

himself in the 3rd person. In the simplest of terms, in the most

convenient definitions – I am a movie geek through and through,

and I’m damn proud of it!! In addition to my Retro Ramblings

column for The Chainsaw Mafia, I regularly contribute blogs

and original material to Mr. Frights, as well as writing feature

scripts, award-winning short films, and short stories, in my

never-ending campaign to bring original, thrilling, 80’s-style

nonstop-rollercoaster-ride-horror back to the masses. Buckle up,

Boneheads - you’re going for a ride…

Rachel Grubb is an actress, model and Scream Queen hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She first appeared in St Euphoria Pictures' Monster of Phantom Lake, and has since acted in numerous B-grade and independent horror films.  Some of her more notable roles include 13 Hours in a Warehouse, The Horror Vault,Terror Overload, Cathartic, Vivid, and The Locals.  She directed the dark comedy feature film Why Am I in a Box? which she released though her production company Silent-But-Deadly Productions, which she runs with her friend Brooke Lemke.  Rachel has been an in-studio guest for Maxim Radio's "Hotties Of Horror Week," and has her own Scream Queen trading cards available from TerrorCards.com.  

Melissa Krimsky is a self taught freelance special fx makeup artist, living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Melissa has worked on several independent and student horror films, zombie walks, music videos, mock disaster drills and just wrapped on her first feature film in July. She has always had a big interest in all things horror, gore, sculpting, monsters and mayhem!

Jamie Jenkins began her love affair with horror before she ever pelted the planet with her smartass comments thanks to her mother’s great taste in cinema.  She has continued to indulge in the genre in any way possible.  Before becoming CEO of The Chainsaw Mafia when Shannon’s career became too demanding, Jamie was the Editor.  When offered the opportunity to helm the site that she had fallen so deeply in love with, she leaped!  You can find more of Jamie’s work around the web as she has been writing about horror for years.  She is also the Director of Marketing of the Viscera Film Festival for Women.  Soon, you will see her work from behind the camera as she will be launching her own filmmaking career this year.  

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Mr. Gable: Avid bad movie watcher, sci-fi & horror book reader, short story author, underground DVD collector, independent sci-fi & horror supporter, awful screenplay writer, personal promoter, soon-to-be (god willing) indy interviewer, aspiring filmmaker, and an all around nice guy.

I’ll never claim to know everything about anything but I do know a little about a lot.  You’ll never catch me looking for the new releases, I’ll be the guy in the back corner of a desecrated pawn shop sifting through piles of discount DVDs and VHS tapes looking for that special gift to humanity that has been long forgotten. And of course if I see the cover and/or read the synopsis and say to myself, “that sounds awful,” I buy it. Over the past couple of years I’ve jumped into other forms of fiction: books, fan films, comic books, etc. I’m a big supporter of independent…everything!  And now my life has taken an unexpected jump into awesomeness being part of the Mafia family writing articles for the fine folks of the Internet.

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Shannon Lark - The Chainsaw Mafia Founder/Advisor

Shannon Lark is a Writer, Director, Producer, Actress, and Film Festival Director.


She is the Co-Director/Founder of the Viscera Film Festival, Founder/Advisor and former CEO of The ChainSaw Mafia, and held the 2009 Spooksmodel crown for Fangoria Entertainment. Lark surrounds her entire being to encompass creating genre films and relentlessly works to bring more men and women into the bloodbath. She believes in equal opportunity creation, equal opportunity film making, and the idea that creating art is what saves the world from destroying itself.

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