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The Chainsaw Mafia

The Chainsaw Mafia was created and executed by women,
and we strongly believe that more women should jump into the
gigantic bucket of blood and guts.

We report on all subgenres of horror.
If something offends you, please tell us about it,
so we may thoroughly report on the subject.

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Written by Anthony Flores and Scott Licina
The first ever Fangoria “Spooksmodel”, Shannon Lark, is more than just your standard femme fatale. Hailing from a small town in New Mexico better known for its ridiculous amounts of radiation than for its production of… well, anything (until now, that is)... Shannon is a talent that prides herself on being as intelligent as she is beautiful.

Check it out HERE on FANGORIA!!!

Posted by shannon on Tuesday, November 25 @ 14:13:19 CST (23 reads)
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 Twilight Fever!


Executioner: Michelle Fatale

"Twilight" ranked more than $70 million in it's opening weekend, but is getting mixed reviews from the critics.

Posted by shannon on Monday, November 24 @ 22:52:42 CST (21 reads)
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 Stockholm Syndrome


Executioner: Michelle Fatale

Stockholm syndrome: A psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker, regardless of the danger (or at least risk) in which they have been placed.

Posted by shannon on Monday, November 24 @ 22:13:41 CST (60 reads)
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 Featured Artist Niki Pretti is LIVE in the Slaughter Shop!


Featured Artist Niki Pretti, an SF Bay Area photographer who focuses on creating entire stories through her still camera, is now set up in the Slaughter Shop!

Posted by shannon on Monday, November 24 @ 15:02:14 CST (23 reads)
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 Take a bite out of Jessicka Rabid!


Written by Necromagickal

The horror genre has been witness to its fair share of dysfunctional family units. From the Sawyer family in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Otis, Baby, and the rest of the Devil’s Rejects kindred, horror has given its audience a stern reminder that regardless of how difficult your family is, there can exist an even worse one.

Posted by shannon on Monday, November 24 @ 14:40:18 CST (55 reads)
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 Featured Artist Brian Allen and Lipstick Teeth


Written by Necromagickal

Welcome my chainsaw swinging enthusiasts to another featured artist within the disemboweled body of the Chainsaw Mafia. This month we are pleased to feature the art of Brian Allen and Lipstick Teeth! The art of Brian need no words to fluff its wonder and dark beauty; the pieces speak for themselves! So without further delay I offer you entrance into the mind that is responsible for the creations you will be viewing; Brian Allen...

Posted by shannon on Monday, November 24 @ 14:34:24 CST (40 reads)
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 Carnal Cadaverous: 21 Questions with a Dead Girl!


Written by Necromagickal

Welcome to Carnal Cadaverous my naughty little fiends! Today we discuss a subject close to my nocturnally maladjusted heart; a dead girl, or more correctly Dead Girl. Unlike what's packed tight within my chest freezer in the next room, Dead Girl is a film; a film written by the one and only Trent Haaga and starring the enchanting Jenny Spain. If you do not know who Trent Haaga or Jenny Spain are then you should return your head beneath those sodden rocks and continue falsely existing within that delusion you call a "life".

Posted by shannon on Monday, November 24 @ 14:13:57 CST (43 reads)
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 Kate Beckinsale stars in "Whiteout"


Written By: Michelle Fatale

A new film starring Kate Beckinsale entitled "Whiteout" based on a comic book by Greg Rucka is set to release in 2009."Whiteout" centers around U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko (Beckinsale) who is tracking down a killer in Antarctica as the sun is about to set for six months.

Posted by shannon on Sunday, November 23 @ 19:02:01 CST (31 reads)
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 This Week at The Slaughter Shop!


Check it out here!

Posted by shannon on Sunday, November 23 @ 18:27:34 CST (22 reads)
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 Spielberg and Smith collaborate on the 'Oldboy' Remake


Written By: Michelle Fatale

Stephen Spielberg is working with actor Will Smith to re-create the 2003 Korean film 'Oldboy.' However, it remains to be seen if Spielberg and Smith will take the film to a dark place like the original, or amp it up into the sunshine.

Posted by shannon on Wednesday, November 19 @ 20:00:33 CST (36 reads)
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Are you interested in seeing Oldboy be remade by Spielberg and Smith?



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