Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter



The Mafia is family, much like the saw.

The Chainsaw Mafia is for you, the artist, to use while creating within the horror genre.

TCM is first and foremost a horror production company which specializes in film and splatter theater. The website also serves as a free networking tool for filmmakers everywhere and the Chainsaw Mafia Slaughter Shop, which holds everything and anything the horror filmmaker and lover could possibly want or need.

TCM promotes independent filmmakers through its internet-based networking, discounted equipment rental, live performance, and annual Film Festivals with monetary awards.

The Chainsaw Mafia was created and facilitated by women, who actively encourage progressive roles for women and men in all areas within the horror genre.

Increasing and expanding boundaries of the genre with interactive theater, film, photography, and dance, The Chainsaw Mafia assists the men and women who create the horror genre to produce their art and promote themselves.

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~Shannon Lark~

The Mafia

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The fantastic photographers featured on The Chainsaw Mafia are Sallie Smith, Niki Pretti Photography,  various photographers at the DNA Lounge , Diana PhanJosh Cadwising, and Jeff Clinton.