Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter

2007 Official Selections

Women Only Viscera Films

Out of Print - (Winner of the VISCERA Award)- Reyna Young
3.18 minutes
Description: A girl is tied up by a dancing doll who loves to play with her axe.

I'm a Little Teapot - Sallie Smith
21 seconds
Description: Explores the connection between childhood memories and the act of dying.

It's My Birthday - Shannon Lark
3.06 minutes
Description: It's time to party. The girls get dressed in their Sunday best, only to be attacked by a psychotic, sexually repressed birthday girl.

Women Directed and/or Produced Viscera Films

Wretched - Heidi Martinuzzi and Leslie Delano
20 minutes
Description: Jenny (Jaime Andrews) and her husband Eric (Joe Bob Briggs) sit at a diner eating a cheap meal of burgers, fries and chocolate cake. Through their everincreasing arguments and Jenny's constant visits to the ladies room, the audience will start to learn how close to losing her sanity Jenny really is, and how oblivious Eric is when it comes to Jenny's disorder.

When Sally Met Frank - Victoria Waghorn
9 minutes
Description: An everyday fairytale of horror. Every year willing women succumb by the millions to be sliced + diced, syringed + sucked into shape in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection. This film is a satirical love story of women's obsession with the beauty myth and a fun commentary on our society's increased desire for homogenization of the masses.

The Cleaner - Michelle Fatale
20 minutes
Description: Grace suffers with OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. It affects every aspect of her life. After a series of unfortunate events, her life begins to crumble before her very eyes.

Snake Pit - Brandy Rainey
8.15 minutes
Description: You never know what life will bring you. Three young people make a journey that turns into a nightmare filled with deception and disbelief. Their car breaks down and they are forced to seek help from the nearest residents. Little did they realize what they might encounter in the rural outskirts of their hometown.

BRAINS - Shannon Lark and Amber Steele
4.09 minutes
Description: A parody of Liam Sullivan's Kelly Likes Shoes, BRAINS follows Amber, a young zombie who is on the search for something that she believes in and is willing to stand up for, no matter what her family's objections and insults try to dissuade her. In the process, Amber finds who she really is, with friends in tow, and establishes a strong circuit of friends, who support her decision and stand by her through thick and thin....brains.