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It's that time of year again!  Viscera is bubbling over with excitement to announce the beginning of the 2012 festival submission phase.  That's right, Viscera is now accepting digital submissions for 2012. The film festival will be taking submissions from now through the end of February to coincide with Women in Horror Month.
What the Heck is Viscera?
2012 Viscera Film Festival Submission Phase Begins



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Viscera is a film festival that was created in 2007 by Shannon Lark to encourage and promote the work of women horror filmmakers. It has grown exponentially every year: becoming a 501(c)3 non profit organization with an expanding dynamic staff of men and women who eat, sleep, and breathe genre cinema.  When it began, Viscera was an touring festival, and its Partners helped bring it to life in the form of a full scale Los Angeles bloody carpet event with a bangin’ afterparty. 2011 marked the second annual Bloody Carpet event in Los Angeles, and the Viscera films have been screened all over the world.  The support has been incredible.


What Else Is New?


The Viscera, org. offers so many additional services this year.  Check them out below then please follow the links to learn more:


Fresh Blood - This is an exciting new category for filmmakers age 18 and under.  We are super excited to have Emily Hagins as a special guest judge with Viscera this year!


Etheria Film Festival - Are you more of a Sci-Fi / Fantasy filmmaker?  This festival is for you.


Women in Horror Month - We are incredibly excited that Women In Horror Month has now incorporated into Viscera. WIHM, founded and executed by Hannah Neurotica, operates underneath the Viscera non profit umbrella as they share the same positive mission: to educate the public about women’s roles and how equality can be attained. WIHM now has a Board of Directors who approves WIHM created content. If you get the seal, this means that it is “WIHM Approved”.


Film Club - On December 1st, Viscera will announce their brand-spankin’ new Film Club.  This club will provide several perks for its members and will be a fantastic avenue for female horror filmmakers to support each other.


Education - Viscera is proud to offer various forms of education in the form of print material, guest speakers, articles, critique and more.



So What's in it For Me?


If your film is selected, there are many exciting prizes that await you.  First, there is the aforementioned Viscera Film Festival Bloody Carpet Event.  That involves meeting fans and fellow filmmakers as well as Viscera's celebrity supporters, the screening of your film, an awards ceremony, and an after party (to sum it up).  But that's not all. Viscera filmmakers are also given the option of distribution on the Viscera compilation DVD.  But that's still not the best part.  The best part is the Viscera World Tour.  Festival selected films are shown around the world throughout the year.  That means that people across the pond, regardless of on which side you reside, could be viewing your movie.  Who knows where that might lead?

For more info on how we host our site AuditWP has a great rundown.


What if I'm a Guy?


Fantastic!  Viscera loves men, too.  Plenty of men are co-directors/co-producers of Viscera films. The goal is not to dominate the industry or exclude anyone.  Viscera wishes to promote gender equality and foster the idea that an artist is an artist.  Please hit the site, linked below, to see how you can get involved with the excitement.

When it comes to creating a proper sign it's not an easy task for debuting a film. A friend advised that we visit for help with putting together a great sign in front of our theater. From there it was easy, choosing the proper lettering and design. It's not like it takes a crazy amount of time to create a sign that will appeal to your audience so be sure to di the job right!


What Do I Do to Join the Awesomeness?


Start by going to the Viscera Film Festival web site.  There you can read all about the festival and what it means.  Then you can hop over to the submission page and read about how to get your film in the mix.  Don't be shy.  2012 is just around the corner.  Get those submissions in right now!




Visit the Women in Horror Month Website



Wanna be a sponsor? Contact Viscera’s Director of Sponsorship


Wanna know more about Viscera press?  Contact Viscera’s Director of Marketing


Have questions about submitting? Contact Viscera’s Director of Programming

Heidi Honeycutt


Wanna know more?  Contact Viscera’s Director of Operations

Shannon Lark